Aussi Corro is your all-in-one solution of roofing, insulation and ceiling.
Aussi Trim is your all-in-one solution of roofing, insulation and ceiling.
Aussi’s 1.2m wide panels for cool rooms, insulated walls & more.
Aussi Patio kits are your ready to build outdoor dream room. 
Flyover patio
Aussi Beams are engineered to suit your projects unique size.
Steel Beams 3 sizes
Aussi Roof Accessories provide everything you need for your next job.
HR-2_Ezifit Gutter

Aussie Made for Aussie Lifestyles

Aussi Panels proudly supply 100% Australian made Insulated Roof and Wall Panels, Patio Kits, Carport Kits and more. 

Our panel solutions include a full range of roof accessories from posts and beams to flashings and fixings to LED lights and skylights. Wall Panel accessories include aluminium extrusions like time saving corner moulds and pre-made insulated doors.

Aussi Panels are engineered for Australia’s harsh environment and have undergone stringent fire testing. Our Roof and Wall Panels are backed by an all-important Form 15 and a 15-year Warranty for your peace of mind.

Insulated Panels for any Situation

  • Aussi Panels are 1m wide and cut to length. Simply email, call or SMS your details for a quote.
  • Aussi Panels have wide spans (no ugly rafters) creating an outdoor entertainment area that is all class.
  • Aussi Panels are made with rebates for the gutter and a channel for electrical cables.
  • Aussi Panels can deliver lower construction costs, add value to your property, and potentially lower heating and cooling costs. 
  • Aussi Panels, flashings and beams are available in Marine Plus paint finish – 5 layers of protection for coastal areas.